Our Process for Creating Expertise Driven Content

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Right now It’s very easy to spit out “content” but it’s incredibly difficult to create meaningful content in the “golden age of content”. However we believe that creating meaningful content is the key to improving your site’s presence. Normally we would have said SEO, but your strategy should go beyond SEO and reach into multichannel marketing strategies. 

Real world example of why expertise matters 

Many of our SEO clients receive a myriad of requests from bloggers offering “guest post services”. Typically these posts will provide 1000-2000 words of content for you and will link to one of their blog posts or simply to their blogs home page. This is a process known as link building.
Over a few years of watching the data from these “guest posts” I have found that they don’t perform at all. On average, our expertise driven posts get about 10x the traffic from the guest posts. This makes sense because they are about 10x the effort to create. 

Start with Why

You need to start with “Why” you are writing the post in the first place. Is it promotional? Do you want to generate more traffic? Do you want to prequalify sales leads? Do you want to book more SaaS demos?

With your goal in mind, you can create a good piece of content that can work towards that goal. Marketing is not an exact science, but it’s also not a game of blindfolded horseshoes. You have to have a target in mind when you engage in marketing. 

List your Expertise

Whether you are an MD, or a guy with an opinion and a laptop, you should list out all of your relevant expertise. This can build trust in the reader. Think about if you were going in to get a tooth pulled. Would you feel at ease if some random guy without a white coat walked in from the street to pull your tooth out?
It goes a long way for your reader. If you have a small medicine practice, go the extra mile and list your qualifications on your blog content. If you have a small bakery, list your cooking qualifications or years active. 

We don’t even begin creating content until we have this information ready. 

Answer their Questions

Are there any questions you get as a business owner that just drive you crazy? You could put some of that information on your website in a FAQ section, or create a helpful blog that will be picked up by google search. Some example of “response” style blog posts are here:

“What to Expect When Getting a Root Canal: A Comprehensive Guide”

“The Benefits of Meditation: Why It’s Worth Adding to Your Routine”

“How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Your Feet”

“The Simple Guide to Understanding Your Credit Score and Improving It”.

The actual search terms people will use are going to be pretty different, but Google is smart enough to sift through the content now and deliver the right “response” post to someone’s question. 

Be Concise but Informative

Like I’ve stated before, you shouldn’t just use chat GPT to generate content, or Jasper, but you can use it for ideas. There are tons of ideas that don’t really require a source and you can use AI to generate them. Using it for Ideas and feedback can make you write about 20% faster. This is a big change, but of course with it comes a change in the way people search for fact based information. 

Is there something that you’ve experienced first hand that isn’t just “common knowledge”. Notice my example at the beginning from a personal story. 

In Conclusion

By starting with the goal in mind and listing out relevant expertise, you can build trust with the reader and deliver valuable information. Answering common questions and being concise but informative can help improve the effectiveness of your content. Utilizing AI tools for idea generation can also increase efficiency, but it’s important to avoid relying solely on AI for generating content and maintain a human touch in writing.

Are you tired of seeing no benefits from your marketing efforts? It might be time to put together an actionable strategy with our team. To get started email me at [email protected] or give me a call (864) 436-8680


Joe is the owner of PressGo Digital. When he's not writing blog posts, he's developing online marketing strategies for companies. Joe has a loving wife, 2 kids and one on the way that has probably already been born by the time you're reading this!

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