We Develop Intelligent MailChimp Strategies

PressGo is a proud partner of Mailchimp. We love using their email automation technology to better engage site visitors and convert them into customers.We specialize in the following:

  • Email automation campaigns
  • Newsletter growth campaigns with Facebook Ads
  • Creating engaging email templates that reflect your brand identity

Why Does My Business Need a Custom Email Strategy?

The one marketing channel that remains the most effective is email.

Over the years there have been plenty of exciting new marketing tools, but email remains the best way to convert your visitors into customers. Whether you’re informing them or inviting them to make a decision, the email inbox is a great place to be.

Strategizing the best way to use email automation but segmentation can be the trickiest part. What are your competitors using that you aren’t tapping into?

Most email strategies are weak and don’t actually lead to many more sales. However, three part email strategies focus on increasing your conversion rate and engagement rate. This translates to more revenue for your business.


What Is The 3-Part Email Strategy We Use?

1. Email Automation

Our email automation campaigns are a great way to create long-term results with a short-term plan. We can help you nurture and inform your leads to turn them into paying customers. After all, your potential customer’s time is valuable and you should give them something for their initial time investment.

Email automation can be used to create more valuable touch points for your customers because it can be tailored to their specific interests.


2. Audience Segmentation

It goes without saying that the open rates of segmented and automated emails are much higher than that of traditional monthly or weekly campaigns. Every email tool has their own way of categorizing subscribers.

Audience segmentation should be considered when you have more than 1,000 subscribers.


3. Content Creation

We guide businesses in content creation by providing recommendations and tips for optimizing the way you share your message in your email marketing.


How Do I Get an Intelligent MailChimp Strategy For My Business:

1. Get in Touch

Contact us a tell us a little more about how your business uses email

2. Choose a Plan

We’ll develop a strategy according to your unique business goals and audiences and provide a quote to implement this strategy.

3. See the Results

We’ll send you monthly reports so that you can see the positive ROI resulting from a well-developed MailChimp strategy.

Not using MailChimp? Making the switch is easy. Get in touch with us today to learn how.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Your growth is our business.

One of the most exciting parts about our company is seeing the people that we help take their business to the next level. We love to see other business owners experience incredible growth by bringing their online operations to their full potential. 

That’s why we started PressGo, to help entrepreneurs like us succeed online.