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Most people hear the word marketing and they think it’s some kind of magical fairy dust that can be thrown on any project to immediately double its profitability. If this is true, why are no small businesses investing in digital marketing?

It comes down to affordability.

It’s pretty obvious that digital marketing is not a magic bullet for all products and services. The perception most people have though is that the barrier of entry to marketing is too expensive for them. “Marketing is something for businesses like McDonalds and Nike, not cake shops.”

However the truth could not be further from this. People already achieve marketing plans that are not digital. In fact, there is not a single business in the world that does not engage in marketing. Businesses of all sizes spread their message by word of mouth. This is a real marketing strategy that has been tested and proven throughout all history.

Marketing is not a pay per click ad campaign or a video ad. It is an entire online strategy. 


Joe is the owner of PressGo Digital. When he's not writing blog posts, he's developing online marketing strategies for companies. Joe has a loving wife, 2 kids and one on the way that has probably already been born by the time you're reading this!

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