Your Website Needs Good SEO

SEO is complex, yet simple. In many markets, type in a few keywords and you will consistently see established, major companies dominating the first page of the search engine. Newer businesses may hardly be found unless you know their specific web address. This is due to how effectively the companies are using Search Engine Optimization, and in today’s digital age, SEO is a must for any growing business.

InnerWorks Digital is looking for businesses to partner with to create better search results for users using 3 things:

Quality Content

Immersive User Experiences

Authoritative information sourcing

Local businesses rarely understand the value of SEO, but if you’ve found this page, you clearly are interested in it. To grow your business using the power of organic inbound marketing, you’ll need a working understanding of what SEO is.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re interested in the world of Internet marketing, you’ve probably read or heard the term search engine optimization (or SEO) quite a bit. SEO refers to a collection of practices that – you guessed it! – optimize your website for search engines. But, what exactly does this mean?



Let’s look at keywords, the most basic aspect of SEO, as an example. Whenever you use a search engine, you’ll enter keywords relevant to the information you’re looking for. For example, to find our page, you may have Googled “what is SEO?” or “Hire SEO services.” This is referred to as a query.

In order for your site to get more exposure, people need to be able to find you! That means you’ll want to “rank” for certain keywords or keyword phrases. If you’re a flower shop in Huntington Beach, California, you’ll want to “rank” for the keyword phrase “flower shop Huntington Beach” or “get flowers in Huntington Beach.” 

Google constantly changes its algorithm – something our team pays close attention to since any changes can shuffle search result rankings considerably – and there’s much more to SEO than keywords. There are many other ranking factors, such as links to your page on other (especially highly-trusted) websites, high-quality content creation, and having speedy loading times. All these things are part of inbound marketing: driving people to your site in a natural way.

Going forward, having your site be optimized for mobile is especially important. It’s important to Google because it’s important to your potential clientele – around 60 % of people are using mobile devices to search for local products and businesses, and it’s highly likely that this percentage will only increase in the future.

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Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Search engine optimization is important because so many people are using search engines to find products and local businesses. Around 81 % of people look online before making a large purchase. Additionally, research shows that almost no one will click on results on the second page (less than 6 % of people, according to Forbes), so you want your website to be as high on the search engines results page as possible!

The first few search results are prime real estate. You can think of the link to your website as your storefront – you want a location in Times Square, not one that’s off the beaten path. If you’re ranked in the top five search results, you can expect hundreds or even thousands of people to visit your site daily, massively increasing the chances of completed sales or visits to your brick-and-mortar location.


SEO is simple in theory but, with Google’s constant algorithm changes and competition from other sites trying to rank, it can be difficult to get right. That’s why we’re here: we at Inner Works Digital have a passion for keeping on top of the world of SEO so that we can get your site ranking and increase profits. With an in-depth knowledge of the ins-and-outs of SEO, we can and will help your Internet marketing campaign succeed!

If you’d like to learn more about the power of SEO and using it for your own business growth, contact us below.